Which Ratio Needs Work in Your Digital Strategy?

As a Digital Strategist, it is my job to look at the numbers—a lot of numbers—to determine how a Dealership is performing digitally, and ultimately, how we can improve their performance. Automotive Dealers come to us because they want us to help them increase their sales. My job is to determine what we can do...
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Being a Google Premier Partner

To be a Google Premier Partner requires certain qualifications, and being one gives you and your clients benefits. At Mudd Advertising, we are proud to be a Google Premier Partner. Find out more about what that could mean for you as a client below. How to Become a Google Premier Partner In order to be...
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Before You Go… Let’s Talk About Bounce Rate

A viewer comes to your site, spends some time looking at the landing page they were provided and then BAM—out of nowhere—they just leave! This person has now contributed to a rise in digital crime statistics known as a bounce visitor. The rise in these types of visitors has caused concern across the digital realm...
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Layers of Digital Advertising

Ad Position  Speaking with a client recently, I heard him think aloud how his ad spend relates to his average ad position. Comparing two campaigns, he noted that although he was spending more on one campaign, he was getting a better average position on the other. “I’m getting a lot more for my money over...
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Adding Users to your Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics is basically the holy grail of web measurement which is why when working with digital marketing companies it is a common practice for them to request access to view your Google Analytics. Adding users to your Google Analytics account is simple, just follow these quick steps. 1. Log into the Google Analytics account...
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Taking a Deep Dive Into Data Services

Have you ever wondered what happens to your data after Mudd Advertising receives it? We’ve developed a tool called the “Data Exchange Server”. It was built from the ground up to support raw data from Dealership Managements Systems and helps streamline the data cleansing process. Here are the steps we take to ensure that we...
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