The Long Trail

If a man takes a walk in the woods, will he make an impact? Travis Wildeboer, speed hiker extraordinaire, paid Mudd a visit and spent time talking about his adventures during yesterday’s Mind Candy. What made Wildeboer’s discussion special was not just his talk about the thousands of miles (literally!) he has trekked, but that...
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Mudd Insights | Should you be on Television?

I enjoy talking and listening. I enjoy talking about the art and the science of making your advertising work and listening to you tell me who you really want to sell to. Once we’ve helped decide what your message is and who you want to show it to, the next question is usually where and...
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Mudd Insights | 20 Groups for Agencies

Last week I departed from my typical workweek activities to attend a two-day seminar in Pennsylvania with nine other advertising professionals.  The purpose of the Second Wind Zoom Group Seminar was simple:  Provide an open, transparent environment in which strangers can share a commonality of success and struggle.
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Mudd Celebrates 30 Years In Business All Year Long

Just a few months into 2011, Mudd Advertising has experienced success unlike any before making it all the merrier for Mudd Advertising to celebrate 30 tremendous years of being in business. The celebration began in January with an open house that had a fantastic turnout, and the celebration will continue throughout the year including an...
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