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Google ZMOT and Tier Integration

It’s a never-ending challenge which we seem to face almost monthly in the car business.  No, I’m not talking CSI scores, gross averages or inventory management.  I’m referring to the cosmic duel happening between automotive manufacturer advertisements and that of your local dealer. We’ve been trained better than Pavlov’s dog to push for the 30th...
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Don’t Call it a Comeback

I know you’re not supposed to call it a comeback, but I think General Motors just had one. Only two years after filing for bankruptcy and receiving aid from the federal government, it seems as though General Motors has reignited its product. G.M. is once again on the Forbes Fortune 500 Top Ten list. In...
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Will Millennials Change the Auto Industry as we know it?

Millennials have been making headlines lately and it has to do with the auto industry. Quite a combination don’t you think? While my first assumption would be that Millennials are totally in tune with the technology found inside a new set of wheels – I couldn’t be more wrong. Millennials don’t care about cars. Really....
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Thinking Small

Recent Volkswagen print work seems to be giving a stylistic nod to past iconic ads of the same brand. “The Original Golf” by DDB (the same agency behind “Lemon” and “Think Small”) has a simple style and wit similar to the famous 1950s ads. The same can be said about the “SpaceFox” piece (by AlmapBBDO)....
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Auto Ads Tackle Super Bowl Sunday

While allegiances concerning this year’s Super Bowl are polarized to say the least (We’ve got a 2-Pats, 1-Giants, 3-Who Cares, split in the marketing department), the auto companies are on point to make this year’s championship game one to remember (if for no other reason than the commercials). While many are keeping the specifics of...
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Weekly Wrap-Up

Gung Ho Friday, All!  As always, we’ve got some links to get you fired up for your day and sailing right into the weekend! Fiat is releasing its first national ad campaign in the US this month. The “Simply More” campaign combines Drive-Ins, Elvis and Grassroots campaigns. What’s more perfect? We don’t know either. Check...
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Then and Now | The Volkswagen Beetle

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] I always think its interesting to take a look at where companies take their brands over the years. The list is long when comparing the differences between the two commercials above (they’re almost 50 years apart!). But, if you take a look at how the two end, that same “funky-bug” shape has been...
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