How to Find Cart Abandonments in Google Analytics

  1. Log into Google Analytics and select your desired account.
  2. Go to Conversions > Goals > Overview
  3. From the “Goal Option” drop down menu, select the goal that represents a completed transaction (in this case, “Goal 1”)
  4. Look for ‘Goal X Abandonment Rate”
    Goal Abandonment Rate
  5. To calculate the actual number of Abandoned Goals take your ‘Goal X Completions’ and divide by ‘Goal X Abandonment Rate.’  This will give you the number of ‘Goal Funnel Starts’ or the total number of visitors that started the goal process.
    Goal X Completions 111 / Goal 1 Abandonment Rate 55.06% =  Goal Funnel Starts 201.6
  6.  Subtract the actual goal completions from Goal Funnel Starts and you have the total number of abandonments.
    Goal Funnel Starts 201.6 – Goal X Completions 111 = Total Abandonments 90.6

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