Branding is Consistency

Working for Mudd, a full-service advertising agency, allows me a behind-the-scenes perspective on branding ones business.  Mudd prides itself on having abundant marketing solutions for customers and consistently branding the customer and their products across a multitude of platforms. While trying to quench this insatiable desire of providing options, we keep specific, measurable goals in mind. Mudd’s team of 180+, are able to:

- Produce custom TV, radio, and web messages - Design and print point-of-sale materials - Strategize, negotiate, buy and reconcile media - Design, print and measure direct marketing programs - Provide custom, 30-60-90 day BDC plans - And navigate the complex digital marketing world through dealer-specific:    SEM, SEO, SMM, reputation management, re-targeting, and web video solutions

Behind all of the media lies a proprietary dashboard, AdSuite. The one-stop web portal provides constant transparency between us at Mudd and our nationwide partners. Acting as a media resource, creative warehouse, and analytic playground, AdSuite provides our full-service partners another tool in their marketing arsenal, something every dealer needs in a retail world renowned for competitive, race-to-the-bottom messages.

Beyond the shiny tools and “Mad Men-esque” perception, lies a network of dedicated advertising professionals. Purposefully avoiding a “one size fits all” approach, every partnership receives a market analysis prior to implementation. Account Executives, Account Coordinators, Creative Directors, and Media Specialists know that every market differs and every dealership has unique story to be told. Once a history is gauged, a common goal is decided, and research is done; we try to utilize the most efficient marketing channels available while staying within budget and search for ways to surpass customers’ expectations.

Through constant data analysis, Mudd’s full-service division never relies on a “set-it-and-forget-it” strategy. The transparency we envisioned with AdSuite also provides opportunities to tweak, enhance, even eliminate certain initiatives as we strive to fulfill our promise to every client, “ask for, and expect, an immediate response.” This mantra, coupled with our company tagline, “we love it when you succeed,” drives Mudd Advertising to set lofty expectations in the automotive industry and what it means to be a full-service provider. Are you ready to succeed in your next marketing campaign? Give me a call at 319 – 859 – 9661, or email me at michael.fritts@mudd.com, and we can figure out how your company would match up with Mudd.