How to Write a Blog Post for People Who Don’t Write Blog Posts

We’re going to skip an enticing and witty introduction in favor of delivering exactly what the headline says.

Write What You Know

The last thing the internet needs is more people pretending to be an expert in something that they’re not. Don’t be that person.

Check If Other People Care

Text your buddy and see if they think your topic is a good idea for a blog post.

Write About It Anyway

Your buddy’s opinion probably sucks — write about it anyway. Opinions mean nothing compared to data. If Johnny says nobody cares about your take on House of Cards but you write the blog post anyway and it gets shared 50k times on Facebook and receives 200 comments, Johnny doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Make It Long

Really long. 10k words long. No, I’m not kidding. Don’t write 10k words of crap. Write 10k words of content that helps people or makes them think.

If You Wouldn’t Put It on the Fridge, Don’t Publish

The internet is full of crap. On your news feed, unnecessary tweets, Search results after page 1, etc. If your content doesn’t make you want to call your mom and dad and tell them how proud you are of what you wrote, it’s probably not worth publishing.

Write It However You Want

I don’t take relationship advice from people on their 3rd marriage; you shouldn’t listen to outdated advice from your English teacher who never wrote for the internet.

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