Bing Ads: Is it Worth It?

Being a loyal Google user myself, I never fully understood the appeal of running ads on Bing. I didn’t think very many people used Bing and that search ads would probably perform poorly compared to Google. However, after learning how Bing advertising works and running multiple client campaigns on the platform, I can now say with confidence that I would recommend running Bing ads to anyone who’s trying to increase their audience and find more leads and conversions.

Bing Ads vs Google Adwords

bing ads vs google adwordsEven though Google has been the search engine leader for many years, there are still many benefits that Bing offers. It may seem like everyone uses Google, but there will always be a percentage of users that exclusively use Bing. This March, comScore Inc. released a study showing that Bing had 27 percent of market share for search engines and it’s expected to increase over the next few years. You wouldn’t be able to reach these potential customers if you only run ads on Google. Another benefit of Bing is that cost-per-click rates tend to be lower than Google which will allow you to get more clicks for your ads. You will also find less competition on Bing, which will help your ads gain a higher ranking.

Of course, using Google ads has its own advantages. Using Google allows you to expose your ads to a larger audience for search ads, and your display and retargeting ads can appear all over the web through Google’s Search Partners. You can even create video ads that will appear on YouTube. Although, you have to remember that there will be more competition on Google, which can drive CPC costs up and cause you to have lower ad rankings if you aren’t the top bidder.

If you already have Google campaigns created, switching over to Bing is a simple process. The Bing platform gives you the option to upload campaigns from Google Adwords. By doing this, you get to keep all your keywords and ads together. You should still go through and make sure your targeting and bids are where you want them to be. You may want to have a slightly different strategy on Bing, such as expanding your targeting settings or using different ad copy or keywords. Bing Ads and Google Adwords have a very similar interface and both offer reporting and analysis tools that can help you run successful campaigns. Both platforms also use the same metrics to evaluate performance and offer similar options for your campaign settings.

You should definitely take Bing into consideration while planning your search engine marketing strategy so you can reach a larger percentage of your target market. If you want to start advertising on Bing or want to learn more about it, be sure to contact our search engine marketing team and we can help you get started!

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