Behind the scenes: A day in the life of Shane Roberto Klein

Name: Shane Klein

Nickname: Slinky, Eskay, Buckwheat, Calvin, Skay

Title: Interactive Project Manager

How long have you worked at Mudd: Going on 8 years

What do you do here: Adjust systems in interactive to increase productivity and decrease mistakes, provide costs to our account/sales teams by estimating the time it takes to complete projects, gauge the capacity our department can handle and provide plans to make sure the work is done, provide advice for our interactive production team, the occasional Flash animation.

Describe a typical day: Impossible to predict. A lot of detective work; investigate why something didn’t work quite like we thought it would – like an email or a website. Look through the jobs we have in CMP and find what we can work on and what needs attention from the account team. Randomly get pulled into a meeting, or decide that a meeting is necessary and send meeting requests. Draw up project briefs.

What’s your favorite part about your job: Finding good solutions to bad problems.

Why do you do what you do: Who’s the Boss. I saw an episode of Who’s the Boss where Angela was getting ready for an Advertising pitch, and thought that would be a fun field to get into.

Your best day at Mudd ever: I would have to say the day we landed the Chrysler Premiere job. We all had a lot invested in that project and it was really exciting to know that we got to use all of our ideas.

What inspires you: My daughter (cheesy right?). My team constantly inspires me. Kindness – seeing it from others.

A random fact about yourself: I have written two children’s books and created a website in which you can choose the features that the child in the book has (

If you are in the creative realm, who inspires you? My Family, My Team. Pixar. Didn’t I just answer this?

If you are in sales, what rituals or tricks keep you motivated? Feel, Felt, Found. Listening. Logical Reasoning.

If you are management, how do you keep your team engaged and excited? Not taking everything too serious, but defining what is expected. Celebrating success. Recognizing efforts.

What makes Mudd a great place to work: Teamwork. We all accomplish a piece of something completely astounding, that one person could never do on their own.

Anything else you’d like to add: Hi, this is Tilo.

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