Behind the Scenes: A day in the life of Abby Donnenwerth

Name: Abby Donnenwerth

Nickname: Dobbins (Thanks Rocky)

Title:  Account Executive

How long have you worked at Mudd:  8 months

What do you do here:  I generate business through John Deere Implements

Describe a typical day:  Make Moves

What’s your favorite part about your job:  My favorite part of my job is when I get to meet with John Deere dealers and educate them on how awesome Mudd is.

Why do you do what you do:  Because I love hearing dealers tell me what a difference working with Mudd has made in their marketing efforts.  Showing them they can become marketers and have a strategy, instead of throwing money out the window and hope it comes back.

Your best day at Mudd ever:  Ummm probably when I got hired!

What inspires you:  Bringing in so much JD business that we have to paint a portion of Mudd John Deere green and yellow!

A random fact about yourself:  I have 5 tattoos

What rituals or tricks keep you motivated?  Well if I didn’t say money I would be lying.  But other than that, the rush I get when I sell something, that keeps me going.  Oh and to keep Chad Wauters off my back!

What makes Mudd a great place to work:  THE PEOPLE!  This is by far the most incredible place I have ever worked.


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