Car Loans, Accounting for Bad Credit

About once a month we have a dealer call in asking, “What do you have for secondary credit mailers?” or “How do you incentivize car loans, for those with bad credit?” . However the question is posed, dealers anticipate a piece of direct mail targeting credit scores. Anyone familiar with these knows the drill. Put on your strategist hat, develop a ‘magic criteria’ for your bad-credit, car loan mailing list; often the optimal FICO score range, filter out X% paid on current loan, blah, blah, blah, and you, consequently, are left with a marketing loss. The customers returning with mailers don’t fit the profile so diligently created. After the realization of failure, it’s back to square one. It is just like it used to be, right?
A good “Beacon Mailers” is hard to find. It they weren’t, we wouldn’t get these calls. There is a huge void to be filled, once occupied by credit-based mailings. In my advertising for car loans and dealership experience, over the last 10 years, that has definitely been the case.

How to get your valued customers a car loan

The reality is simple; dealers want high gross profit, and marginal credit buyers fulfill that with a purchase. Numbers are everything. Buyers with bill or credit issues may be financed at a higher rate when borrowing. No matter the case, PEOPLE NEED VEHICLES. Herein lies the opportunity, because at Mudd, it is never a problem: yet rarely this simple of a solution.

Introduce yourself to the revamped secondary mailer. A very simple message sent to everyone in your area who has been recently discharged from their bankruptcy filing. Back to the bare essentials of direct mailing, successfully: correct message, correct audience.

In the last two years, BK mailers have become the best sure-fire solution for special finance offers/customers. These customers will come from further away and most recognize their financial standing. I’m in advertising. I only base this on repeat customers and increased referrals. Over 80% of my customers, buying bankruptcy mailers, buy another the following month and make BK mailers part of their monthly plan thereafter. Why? The bankruptcy mailer gives customers exactly what they want in terms of secondary credit, spotty bill paying customers, and ability to drive customers to purchase today.

Going along with the “like clockwork” theme, I get the following feedback after nearly every BK campaign is complete.

1. “We had one car loan that paid for the entire sale.”
2. “One guy drove all the way from ___________ town (50-100 miles away).”
3. “My Special Finance guy loved this.”
4. “Here are some more towns I want to target.”

Ok, I typed the feedback in, but I can’t attach screen shots of customer’s emails, as bad as I may want to. We can also pair our mailer with a digital component to capture additional leads. We’re able to plug a Brandcast solution via email driver, or we can create a micro site and direct search traffic to it. Special Credit Mailers done right? Mudd has them.(More importantly, I have them) Want to know more? Give me a call; My phone’s on, 319-277-9179, or shoot me an email at

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