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We’ve got big things going on around here.  Usually it’s all about our awesome clients, but this time we’re pulling the selfish card and shining the spotlight on ourselves.  Ya see, we got a brand spankin’ new website in the works and I literally can’t hold my excitement in much longer.  Last month we brought our own celeb photographer, Liz Mudd, in from Chicago to help us bring the website to life.  So here’s your own little backstage pass to bring you behind the scenes of our day with Liz downstairs in Studio5.

girls-laughingIt was already a hectic day around here with multiple clients scheduled to visit throughout the day.  Add some lighting and flash issues and we were already behind schedule a couple hours, but nonetheless, the day couldn’t have gone any better.

With a good variety of music blasting (everything from some old school Justin Timberlake to Born in the USA) all of our personalities soon came to life behind the camera.   Liz even went upstairs to capture some daily shenanigans like office PIG games and thinking hat time.

As to be expected, there was a good amount of hilarious and slightly inappropriate moments that happened throughout the day, but hey, that’s what makes the culture around here so special.  A debate on twerking soon escalated so while waiting for his turn, Greg took a moment to ask Siri “how to twerk”.  We still have yet to see Greg’s twerking attempt.  Poor Britt also got stuck with a banana for her “Food for Thought” pose (for our new blog!) and was quoted saying “I promised myself I would never eat a banana in public!”  Blame the gluten allergy.   Therese also got picked on by the boys a little for her “lack of athletic ability” when we were doing our jumping shots all lined up.  Wearing heels, everybody gave her a little extra space as she practiced her jumps.  I actually think she redeemed herself quite well!


All in all, it was a great day.  We all got to put our inner-model game face on and dance and be silly.  Oh, and we also happened to capture the best office bromance around with the classic ‘Step Brothers’ pose.  Stick around for our new website to roll out soon, and in the meantime, we hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak!

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