Direct Marketing

Our direct marketing services deliver strong results. We leverage addressable targeting to deliver a compelling message to your customer's mailbox, inbox, phone, screen, and desktop.

Consumers who see digital ads before a mailer are more likely to recognize your store. Given more opportunities to engage with the offer, consumers are far more likely to act.

Tactics Included:

  • Targeted Direct Mail
  • Paid Social
  • Email Marketing
  • Addressable Digital Media

GEOLive is today's most innovative mobile conquesting strategy.

As auto-intenders spend more of their online time on smartphones and tablets, it’s important to include a one-to-one mobile strategy in your direct marketing campaigns. GEOLive allows you to use location based targeting to reach desired audience on their mobile devices.

GEOLive Strategy

  • Mudd geo-locates an auto-intender’s home address and serves Digital Video & Mobile Display Ads to the mobile devices and connected TVs in that home.
  • Once an auto-intender engages with a digital ad on their mobile device Mudd isolates the device and reengages it with additional digital ads.
  • After a mobile device engages with a digital ad Mudd begins tracking it and when the device enters the dealership it’s reported as a “store visit”.

How Does Platinum Work?

Targeted Fence

Deliver mail and digital ads to target audience’s mailbox, social, and mobile devices with GEOLive’s targeted fences.

Facebook Lead Ads and GEOLive’s addressable display, OTT & preroll are launched before and after the direct mail and email drops.

Conversion Zone

By adding a GEOLive conversion zone around the dealership we can track the campaign effectiveness.

GEOLive’s conversion zone allows us to measure the number of mobile users who enter the dealership that were served a digital ad.

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Hey! Did you know it's possible to attribute store visits to your direct marketing campaigns? We can help you with that. 👍