Learn more about our direct marketing services and how each one can help you succeed.

No mailer that we produce lands in a customer’s hands by accident. We conceptualize campaigns, design compelling creative, personalize pieces with variable data and send them out to a targeted list of prospects. We also track every single mail piece so you know exactly how many cars were sold as a result of the campaign.

Direct is More than Mail!

Mudd Advertising’s direct mail services deliver some of the strongest results in the entire retail automotive industry. Even though we’re really good at it, we realize that direct marketing is so much more than just mail. We take one-to-one marketing to the next level with offerings like email marketing, point-of-purchase materials, our own business development call center and the highly effective digital strategy of Brandcasting™.

Direct Mail

You might be surprised to learn that a well-crafted direct mail piece is still incredibly effective – especially when personalized with variable data and sent to a targeted list of prospects. We know this because we send millions of pieces of mail every year and track the response on every piece sent.

Does Direct Mail Work?

You be the judge of that! Not only do we track the calls and website visits from your direct mail campaign – we also track online leads and even sales. You’ll know exactly how many cars were sold as a result of your campaign with Mudd.

How We Use Direct Mail

Your account team at Mudd works together to make sure your direct mail campaign is exactly what you need to crush your dealership’s sales goals. Because we are a full-service agency, you can also combine your direct mail campaign with TV ads, display ads, radio ads, or search ads to create an integrated campaign that hits your market more effectively.

Email Marketing

Think about your morning routine. Somewhere between getting out of bed and getting your first cup of coffee, you probably check your email. You’re not alone- you’re part of the majority. Ninety-one percent of consumers check their email on a daily basis. For this reason, email marketing is a very cost-effective promotional tool if used correctly. However, if used incorrectly, it could rub consumers the wrong way or end up in their junk mailbox never to be seen at all. We won’t let that happen. Get your message across and get real, measurable results with a carefully crafted email marketing campaign from Mudd Advertising.

How We Use Email Marketing

Your customers are much more likely to open emails if they have already seen or heard a campaign message or special promotion. This makes email the perfect addition to a direct mail, digital, or traditional media campaign seeking to generate leads for a dealership. We don’t send junk mail- we deliver real value to the customer which is what makes our email marketing campaigns so successful.

Does Email Marketing Work?

We could tell you email marketing works. We could rattle off performance stats or display case studies but those instances have very little to do with your unique dealership, promotion and audience. With each campaign, we give you access to real-time results with our comprehensive marketing analytics platform. You’ll know your email marketing campaign is working because you can see it for yourself!


All kinds of different brands and organizations are competing for business by offering customers some sort of special deal or incentive. This is done on a daily basis, through every medium possible. All those marketing messages can be overwhelming and yours could easily get lost in the mix without some seriously standout material.


Customers are more likely to respond to personalized content than a generic, one-size-fits-all email blast or mailer. Brandcasting™ helps to clear the air and cut through the clutter with a compelling message unique to a group or even an individual customer. With Brandcasting™, we can talk about your community, display a potential customer’s name or include an exclusive special offer to make each campaign more successful.

What is Brandcasting™?

Brandcasting is a powerful integration of traditional and digital advertising that generates an impressive volume of qualified leads for your dealership. All of your media channels are used to drive your customers to an online Brandcasting site with customized content.

How does Brandcasting™ Work?

Our Brandcasting™ pages feature a persuasive video to communicate your offer and drive it home with a strong call to action. Customers are encouraged to fill out a form on the page or call a trackable 800 number that directs the visitor to the Mudd BDC, where they can get immediate assistance with an unmatched level of customer service.

Data Services

The analytical aspect of each campaign is often the most overlooked aspect of direct response marketing. It shouldn’t be. A mailer might look pretty and an offer might appear enticing, but if it’s just mass-marketed to anyone and everyone in a certain geographic radius, it will be a waste of your money. Sending mail to prospects who are most likely to be in-market buyers (and most qualified to buy today) will give you the strongest response and the most bang for your buck.

Our Top Notch Data Team

Our experienced data service team creates thousands of lists containing millions of consumer names every year. We can effortlessly work with our dealer’s own customer lists, as well as buying lists from a variety of sources that deliver qualified prospects most likely to respond to your direct marketing campaign.

(Your Customer’s Name Here)

Who doesn’t love to see their name on something? Truly effective direct response marketing often requires relevant content that is personalized to the recipient. Our data services team can ensure that any variable data required is ready to be utilized by printers or developers in our direct marketing campaigns.

Point of Purchase (POP)

Point of Purchase Displays can effectively increase drive-by store traffic and even provide a sales lift by reminding your current customers about special promotions. POP is a no-brainer add-on to our direct campaigns to increase results.

Yes, We Do POP!

We had so many customers request POP materials that we created a whole new division, to develop, print and ship all point-of-purchase materials for our campaigns. From car tags to banners, Mudd Signs knows how to visually showcase your campaign at your dealership. If you want to heighten your results – add some POP to your next campaign!

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