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Is your dealership optimized for digital retail in 2021? Ensure your digital strategy is effectively positioning your store to sell cars in today's world.

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The Building Blocks of Digital Strategy

Mudd Advertising and their strategic partners deliver over 280 BILLION digital impressions daily. Their unmatched one-to-one targeting capability and experience puts them in a unique position to ensure dealerships are getting the best value from their digital marketing efforts. They'll provide expert insight into the key areas to focus on in the ever changing digital retail landscape.

Website From a Retail Perspective

A friction-less user experience online is essential as consumers spend less time in showrooms.

Relevant Digital Brand Promise

Dealerships must ensure they're delivering a message that resonates with today's consumers.

Google My Business

One of the leading drivers of organic traffic to your website.

Google Analytics

Determine which mediums/sources are producing results, including traffic and engagement to the website.

Digital Advertising

Flexibility when shifting from “CREATE DEMAND to CAPTURE DEMAND” tactics is more important than ever before.

Video Lead Response

Video may be the most powerful way to set your team apart from the competition.

Order a Digital Blueprint Assessment today!
Why do I want a Digital Blueprint Assessment and how much does it cost?

This FREE assessment ensures your dealership is getting the best value from your digital marketing program, best results from your website, and optimizing Google My Business & other local listings. This Digital Blueprint Assessment is unique to Mudd Advertising; it consists of a few simple questions and a quick look at your digital footprint.

What is the commitment?

A meeting to review the findings.

What do we need to provide?

View only access to your Google Analytics.

How long will it take?

5 business days to complete.

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