A Love Affair with Excel

Whenever I tell people that I spend a lot of my (work) life living in Excel, the reactions I receive are typically something in the sarcastic realm of this: Oh wow, that sounds awesome…  (as their speech trails off into a metaphoric abyss). But I’m not going to lie, I adore Excel.
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Are You Spending Money You Can’t Measure? Be More Effective with Local Search Marketing

When is the last time you used a phonebook? More specifically, when is the last time you used a phone book for its intended purpose? This does not include a booster seat for your kids, to prop open a door or as kindling in a fire (don’t try this; it doesn’t work).  I want to...
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Ten Ways to Maximize your Website Redesign Experience

Are you avoiding a website redesign like the bubonic plague, a double root canal and that creepy girl from The Ring combined? Is that because you’ve had a horrific web development experience in the past? Avoid a repeat performance by preparing yourself, your team and your chosen design and development firm for a smooth process...
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We’ve Been Bad about Blogging so our New Year’s Resolution starts today!

I know that New Year’s resolutions are traditionally reserved for, well, the “new year.”  But I thought we’d get a head start.  You may have noticed that our blogging efforts started out strong, then dwindled a bit and now, they’re absolutely dismal.  For this, we are sincerely sorry.  As a small business, sometimes we have...
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4 Takeaways from an Awesome AMA Higher Ed Symposium

In a session called “Social Media that Matters,” Melissa Whetzel and Michael Haskins shared their insights from years of experience in promoting the College of Charleston through social media. For its size, the university has caused a real stir in the social media world. With slightly more than 10,000 undergraduates, the school has more than...
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Behind the Scenes: A day in the life of Abby Donnenwerth

Name: Abby Donnenwerth Nickname: Dobbins (Thanks Rocky) Title:  Account Executive How long have you worked at Mudd:  8 months What do you do here:  I generate business through John Deere Implements Describe a typical day:  Make Moves What’s your favorite part about your job:  My favorite part of my job is when I get to...
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Be the Talk of the Town – The Importance of Communication with Customers

Whenever I am in public places, I am entranced by the behavior of others.  I dial into what they are saying, how they interact with others, their body language, even down to the smallest things like the modifiers they choose to use in conversation.  (I studied psychology in college, it’s what I do). This past...
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Guest Blogger | The Art of Effective Offers and Giveaways

Whitney Free Bakula | Creative Assistant What entices you to buy something? Or even to subscribe to an email list? Discounts, giveaways and special offers are everywhere these days as retailers attempt to make shopping more appealing to buyers hit by the suffering economy. The most important question you must consider is, “How does my...
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Weekly Wrap-Up

Gung Ho Friday, All!  As always, we’ve got some links to get you fired up for your day and sailing right into the weekend! Fiat is releasing its first national ad campaign in the US this month. The “Simply More” campaign combines Drive-Ins, Elvis and Grassroots campaigns. What’s more perfect? We don’t know either. Check...
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