Why Car Dealers Should Look at Streaming and OTT as a Media Option

Why Should Car Dealers Use OTT? If you are a not seeing the same reach and frequency from your traditional media budget it may be time for your dealership to consider looking at OTT as a supplement to your current media strategy. OTT stands for “over-the-top,” a term used to define the use of video...
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Key Takeaways from SMX Advanced 2018 in Seattle

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend SMX Advanced. This search marketing expo is organized by Search Engine Land and takes place in Seattle every year. It’s sponsored by the biggest names in the business, including Google, Bing, Acquiso, Quara, Yext, and many more. The automotive space is one of the world’s most competitive...
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Google Trends’s Advantages Over AdWords Keyword Planner

Move over, Keyword Planner; when it comes to SEO, Google Trends offers a superior timeline, targeting options, and related keyword data. It happened in the blink of an eye, but when it comes to SEO keyword research, Google Trends is now the better option. Google Trends launched in 2006 – with the goal of giving...
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Stop Selling, Start Helping: 4 Key Takeaways From Conductor’s 2018 C3 Digital Marketing Conference

I had the pleasure of attending Conductor’s annual C3 conference in New York City last month. C3 aims to put the most successful and innovative digital marketers on the planet together in one room. We shared insights, successes, failures and thoughts on the future over two (quite snowy) days. It’s important as a dealership to...
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How to Optimize For Voice Search

Get straight to the Key Concepts Over the past couple years we have seen major improvements in the capabilities and popularity of voice search. 2017 accumulated some of the biggest usage rates yet, as well as new tech – we saw Google release “Home”, Amazon’s Echo continued to be a holiday favorite, voice search capabilities...
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Developing and Evaluating a Digital Strategy Based on the Customer

Anytime that I’m trying to come up with a digital strategy, I like to start by finding out what the client’s goals are. Very commonly we hear, “we want to sell more cars,” and that is an admirable goal. Of course a client wants more sales because if not, they wouldn’t be in business. However,...
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Before You Go… Let’s Talk About Bounce Rate

A viewer comes to your site, spends some time looking at the landing page they were provided and then BAM—out of nowhere—they just leave! This person has now contributed to a rise in digital crime statistics known as a bounce visitor. The rise in these types of visitors has caused concern across the digital realm...
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