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How to Add Multiple Websites to Merchant Center

Great news! Google Merchant Center now allows you to manage multiple websites and businesses from a single account with a single login. Here’s how to set it up. What you’re going to set up is called a multi client account. A multi client account allows you to create multiple sub accounts to manage the feeds...
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How to Set Up Keyword Level Tracking with Marchex

Marchex is a great call tracking system. But their documentation isn’t as thorough as it should be, in my opinion. In fact, when it comes to keyword level tracking, there isn’t any documentation at all. So, when I had to set up keyword level tracking for a client, I called Marchex’s support. Their support is...
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How Can the Number of Unique Visitors Be Greater Than the Number of Visits in Google Analytics?

The question seems paradoxical. I mean, the tail doesn’t wag the dog. And a visit can’t generate multiple visitors, right? And yet, if you compare visits and unique visitors to a given page or set of pages, you will often see that the number of visits is less than the number of unique visitors. Here’s why.
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How to Send Call and Campaign Data from Marchex to Google Analytics

We recently switched to Marchex for call tracking. With Marchex, we hoped to be able to attribute calls to the source, medium and even keyword. Marchex has a Google Analytics “postback” feature which will send a pageview to Google Analytics. We can specify the URL. However, it’s not possible to send any kind of tracking...
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Find Out Your Average Organic CTR by Position

CTR by Rank: The Quick and Dirty Method I call this the quick and dirty method because you only have to download one file from Webmaster Tools to make it work. As you’ll see later, this is a huge time saver.  The drawback to this method is that you have to round the reported search...
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Google Analytics Measurement Protocol for PHP – Campaign Tracking

I’m going to show you my PHP implementation of the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol. I’m using this implementation to track campaigns. What I’m using this for is to track phone calls, which I’ll discuss in a later post. FYI: I am not a programmer. If you’re a real programmer and you see opportunities for improving the script, your...
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How to Find Cart Abandonments in Google Analytics

Log into Google Analytics and select your desired account. Go to Conversions > Goals > Overview From the “Goal Option” drop down menu, select the goal that represents a completed transaction (in this case, “Goal 1”) Look for ‘Goal X Abandonment Rate” To calculate the actual number of Abandoned Goals take your ‘Goal X Completions’...
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How to Track VDP Views in Google Analytics

A little while back, Brian Pasch wrote a post about how to see how many VDP views your website is getting. The post thoroughly described the process of setting up advanced segments in Google Analytics. While the information that advanced segments provide can be interesting and useful, in this particular case advanced segments aren’t going...
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Tracking Subsets of Pages / URLs with Google Analytics

Suppose you want to regularly see the number of pageviews a certain set of pages is receiving according to Google Analytics. Your first inclination might be to use a custom advanced segment. (This was my first thought, anyway.) However, advanced segments probably aren’t going to give you the data you really want. Advanced segments are...
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