Dave Meindl

Alt-Text: A Simple Way to Boost to Your SEO

When going over a checklist for your website, there’s a good chance that alt-text won’t occupy a prominent place on the list, if it appears at all.  But alt-text, also known as alt-tags, is a valuable, often overlooked part of search engine optimization (SEO). Not only that, but it’s an easy procedure to do well,...
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What Do Fast Food Drive-Thrus & Media Orders Have in Common?

“In 2017, $136,302.18 worth of discrepancies were returned to our clients!”   Have you ever been through the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant, and then realized after driving away that the food you were given was not what you ordered? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Unfortunately, similar situations happen all of the time in the...
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SEM vs. SEO: Two Sides of the Digital Marketing Coin

The world of digital marketing is more dynamic than ever, especially to automotive dealers. With Google updating its algorithm daily and thousands of new dealers entering the marketplace each week, it’s often difficult for professional marketers, much less everyday businesspeople, to navigate the online marketing landscape. But as far as your profits are concerned, search...
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What is the Relationship Between Clicks and Cars Sold?

In the digital advertising world, it can sometimes be hard to attribute online engagement directly to the sale of a car. However, online engagement does play a huge role in sales (check out a Case Study showing just that here). Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between online engagement and cars sold. Every...
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The Importance of Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a term thrown around with Search Engine Optimization because it helps predict how your website will rank. In the wonderful world of web presence Domain Authority is an important thing to own. What is Domain Authority? Domain Authority is a credibility rating for a website in the eyes of search engine. This...
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How Do Paid Search Terms Work?

Our Search Engine Marketing Team creates pay-per-click campaigns based on your goals and budget for your dealership. One of the ways we target potential customers is through keywords or paid search terms. What are Paid Search Terms? A paid search term or keyword is a word or phrase that we bid on to run your...
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The Basics of SEO

Tired or afraid of getting little to no results from your time and money spent on SEO for your small business? Despite what most “SEO experts” want you to believe, the fundamentals of SEO are easy to understand, simple to execute, and (most of the time) require little or no specialized knowledge, even if you’re a beginner. In this guide, I expose...
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Mudd Attends Digital Dealer Conference & Expo

This year marked the 21st annual Digital Dealer Conference & Expo and I had the privilege to attend while representing Mudd Advertising. Whether you are a dealer, vendor, or in an affiliated industry there is something to help everyone improve their digital advertising… not to mention it was held at the MGM Grand in Las...
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The Mudd Fab 5 of Writing Automotive Radio and TV Commercials

“MY DEALER NEEDS TO SELL MORE CARS!” Over the course of my 27 years writing automotive radio and TV commercials, along with web videos,  I have probably heard that phrase hundreds, if not thousands of times. Luckily, there’s a formula that I learned from Jim Mudd Sr. the first week I started with Mudd Advertising back...
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