Apple CEO Not Very Confident in Google Glass

During a conference earlier this summer, CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, responded to a question regarding Google Glass and the field of wearable technology.

Cook believes that this area is definitely going to be further researched and looked into not only by Apple, but other companies as well.  However, he stated, “To convince people that they have to wear something, it has to be incredible,” and also that, “There’s nothing great out there that I’ve seen.  Nothing that’s going to convince a kid that’s never worn glasses or a band or a watch or whatever to wear one.”  I agree with this completely.  As cool as Google Glass looks, I just don’t know if I would want to walk around with that on because it’d probably be more annoying than useful, especially since it basically does everything my phone already can do.

Although, It’s a smart thing to be looking into this because it’s almost like it’s the next step in technology.  Ever since I watched the Under Armour commercial where the girl touches her running suit and it changes color and temperature, I thought that it would be the coolest thing ever and also rather beneficial if it actually comes out (and if it’s not super expensive).

The reasoning Cook has for the skepticism for Glass is that he doesn’t think it has mass appeal, and I think he is probably right.  Google needs to figure out why people NEED this product and then market it that way instead of showing aesthetically pleasing commercials about how it can tell the weather and show you where you are on a map.  The iPhone was easy to convince people to buy because everyone has a phone, and when they combined that with an iPod, BAM – you’ve got the “whoa” factor on your side and therefore mass appeal.

Saying this, I think Google is certainly on to something and it could be that Cook doesn’t want to promote something that isn’t Apple, but I think he is at least acknowledging that wearable technology has definite future potential.


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