Analog Survives the Digital Age?

Picture this- You are buying a brand new car, you have banked countless miles on test drives and talked to multiple dealerships….and then…at last- YOU SEE IT. YOU SEE  THE car you want to BUY, your first NEW car….you can hardly sit still and when your foot hits the gas pedal it just feels like it was made for you.  As your excitement builds and you explore everything that she has to offer, you find it has just one minor detail that makes you go Hmmmmmm???? You are not a techy geek but you have all the latest toys, the smart phone, the latest ipad and app’s, and NOW you are the PROUD owner of a BRAND NEW CAR complete with…. analog clock? HUH?


Though may not temper tantrum worthy, you are an adult afterall and you know how to tell time….. with all its other bells and whistles, it’s just a bit – puzzling to then have an analog clock in a brand new car?  While this seems to be the NEW IT THING in some cars today, many of us have now grown up in the digital age- so why now turn back the clock- LITERALLY? Besides- Day light savings time is confusing enough- do we need to really make it harder?



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