Ad Agencies See Potential of Online Video

Advertising executives are starting to think that online ads are equally, if not more, effective than television ads at reaching audiences.

I think this is a keen observation being made.  There are so many online videos now, whether they are entire shows, quick videos, or whatever type you can find, there are so many people who watch videos online to get information.  The best part about it – for the advertisers – is that you can’t record online videos and wait to watch them later, you click play when you want to watch it and it plays, and an ad can be shown every time it’s viewed.

I have multiple friends who, if it were up to them, would never watch live TV simply because of commercials.  I’m not kidding when I say they literally record every show or game they want to see and watch it at their convenience and just skip forward through the commercials.  When they have to watch live TV it actually kind of upsets them.  I think that’s how people are becoming; they know what they want to watch and they see commercials merely as distractions – unless it’s the super bowl of course.

I think the younger generations are like this in the fact that they are mostly annoyed by commercials and usually don’t actually look at what they are largely due to TiVo and DVR.  TV commercials that are funny or have to do with something new that came out are the only ones I really pay any attention to, otherwise it’s just almost just like background noise going on while I check my phone or something.

The chart displayed shows the highest growth of advertising tactics in March of 2013.


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