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When it comes to business transitions, smart leaders need inspiration and direction for their team. Mudd Advertising’s experts are here to provide leaders with the tools and resources they need to ensure a successful transition.

Agencies must adapt and evolve to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing market. A strong presence across relevant mediums is essential to maximize an agency’s value. Partner with Mudd Advertising to stay at the forefront of the industry. Our expertise and resources will maximize your customer’s results in traditional and digital spaces.


A gift or a bequest, that is handed down, endowed or conveyed from one person to another.

For Mudd Advertising, legacy is about sharing what you have learned and passing on values. We diverge from traditional legacy consolidation approaches. We choose to empower a company’s existing culture, people, mission, and values. That’s why we seek out and partner with motivated, relevant specialty shops. We want to help you build upon your legacy and navigate the road to success together. Our team seamlessly leverages the full capabilities across our network at a competitive price. Join us as we continue to build upon a legacy inspired by Jim Mudd. The opportunities are endless for us, because when our clients, teams, and communities succeed, we all succeed.

No Matter Where You Are On The Road To Success, If You’re Ready To:

Learn from some of the best in the business. We’re here to share our expertise and industry knowledge. Mudd Advertising is aggressively seeking motivated companies to join our expanding team of specialists. Joining a winning team is a timeless way to ensure success, and that’s what Mudd offers.

Enhance your offerings and protect your opportunities. We can help. Mudd Advertising offers your business a migration to our integrated platform of solutions that will expand your capabilities, ensure your growth, and help you capture opportunity.

Leverage your business and retire. We’d like to provide you with some options. Our business succession program can help you transition your agency while protecting your team, your clients, and your financial future.

Finally, A True Solution. Mudd Advertising offers the values and personalized care of a local agency with the sophistication, breadth of services, and high-performance talent of a large national company. We’re unique in that we offer an entrepreneurial platform that provides freedom, control, and potential to enterprising individuals and agencies. Let’s put you on the roadmap to success.

The Road Map can help you to your next destination. It’s a focused merger and acquisitions program that provides seamless transitions for agencies. Whether your goal is to sell your agency and retire, merge your agency onto our integrated platform, or come aboard as a producer or consultant, our customized transition options provide the flexibility and control you need to protect your brighter future.  

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