A Week in the Life of the Production Studio

The studio at Mudd Advertising is one of those features that a lot of people talk about, but not many people know what goes on in there. We have a 3,100 sq ft space that can transform into anything you can imagine. Our team of production professionals brings your creative ideas it to life.


The studio gets used for many different shoots and events and sometimes everything happens at once. When it does, we have a great team of people to get the job done even when scheduling is tight and deadlines need to be met.  On any given week the studio can transform from a green screen shoot to a set for a multi-cam shoot with a guest speaker with a live audience… then to a white space infinity wall with multiple vehicles and then back to green screen.


None of that would happen without proper planning and execution. Mike Carlo, studio manager and Deb Niermann, senior producer are the driving force that keeps the studio running like a well-oiled machine. They, along with an amazing support staff, are able to keep up with a demanding production workload.

What many people don’t realize about a studio production is the sheer amount of work involved behind the scenes. There are a thousand moving parts to make it all happen, from craft services to creative directors – here at Mudd have it all covered.


Thursday: The semi truck that has our NADA booth rolls up and we unload all that gear and equipment. Lights are re-arranged for a live studio audience presentation with multiple cameras. The set for this live show is unpacked. Furniture and walls are placed and rigged. The live show is that evening.

Friday: Company-wide meeting held in front of the set. After the meeting, the set is torn down and packed away. The green screen is then set up for a few video productions.

Monday: Tear down green screen for a completely empty studio.

Tuesday: Mop studio. Then in the afternoon, repaint the floor white.

Wednesday: Prep and shoot three different cars, interiors and exteriors against the white infinity wall.

Thursday: Bring in spokesperson to shoot commercials in front of the three cars from yesterday.

That week of studio production was very busy. Many man-hours went into the prep work for each production. It is a monumental task, but we have the proper tools and people to make it happen. Even in the face of a tight production schedule, Mudd Advertising can get the job done on time.

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