5 Online Marketing Sources We Use Every Day

Online MarketingThere are a lot of people putting a lot of content online about search marketing, social media and website design. It’s everywhere, but there’s a reason for that: we’re all still learning. Compared to newspaper advertising, which is centuries old, and broadcast advertising, which took hold in America in the 1920s, online marketing is just a brand new baby. We can barely hold our heads up and there’s a lot left to explore, practice and share.


Because of the endless sources, it can be hard to decide which are relevant and worthwhile, and which are just regurgitating others’ ideas. Here’s a list of some of our favorite, reliable sources for industry news.


TargetClick Marketing: That’s us! If you’re reading this post, you probably already know what our blog is about: online marketing. We use our daily experiences as a young online marketing agency to guide past, current and potential clients, plus anyone who has an interest in improving their online presence. Go ahead and add us to your RSS feed if you haven’t already, and leave a comment if you have suggestions for new blog topics.


Social Media Examiner: This online magazine provides detailed advice for how to make the most of each social media platform. They provide a variety of videos, how-to’s and research to help readers understand the power of social media. This is a great way to see what others recommend for social media strategy and implementation.


SEOmoz Blog: A daily blog that talks about everything SEO.  SEOmoz is a subscription-based service that provides tools for search engine optimizers, but their blog is free. They have a team of extremely qualified SEOs who practice what they preach every day. While you’re on the site, check out their free Resources section as well.


Search Engine Land: This one is just what it claims to be: the land of search engines. It’s another free blog that shares information on everything from basic, introductory skills, to posts about the implications of major search industry changes. If you’re looking for a lot of information in one place, Search Engine Land is a good place to start.


Distilled: This consulting firm spreads knowledge by working with individual clients and hosting events and webinars. They also offer a free blog that shares what they’ve learned from those experiences. With offices in London, Seattle and New York, Distilled has a global reach and phenomenal team. They’re a great resource for deciphering what search marketing trends mean for you.


What’s your favorite industry blog or resource? Even if it’s not us, leave a message in the comments to share with the rest of the readers.


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