5 Free Tools for Writers

CS-5-Free-Tools-For-Writing-Thumbnail-TallWhen it comes to digital writing, these are the top 5 free tools that I use on the daily (and yes, they are in order of awesomeness).

#5.  Thesaurus.com

While it sounds lame to call this a tool, the value of Thesaurus.com is too legit NOT to make this list.  You can only use a word so many times before you begin keyword stuffing and it starts to sound unnatural.

#4.  TitleCapitalization.com

Capitalizing Every Word In A Title Is Kind Of Like Twerking And Seflies.  After enough people did it, we simply decided that it was okay.  It’s not.  You should know proper capitalization rules, but if you don’t this tool does a pretty sweet job. (As for twerking and selfies…hey, it’s your life I guess.)

#3.  Quiet Writer

Quiet Writer is a minimalist in browser extension that can bounce from tab to full screen.  It’s great for when you’re jumping tabs, collecting information, and plan to parse and reassemble text quickly, but still want to get rid of the distractions.  It’s cool, no doubt, but I mostly only use it when I don’t have time for #1 on this list.

#2.  Google Dictionary

This describes the situation:  You’re reading something on the web and come across a word that you don’t know.  You should look it up, because that would be the smart thing to do, but opening up a new tab is a lot of work, so you just skip over it and continue reading.  NO.  NEVER AGAIN.  With this extension, double click on a word and a bubble will pop up with the definition almost immediately.  Install it then come back and give it a try.  Here are a couple words that will make you more intelligent:

Twerk  |  Selfie

#1.  Q10

Q10 is a lightweight typing program that eliminates distractions and lets you personalize your writing process.  Two things to note:  1) It’s not easy to get out.  Once you’re in you have to write, so no sneaking off the check your Facebook.  2)  There’s a timer for those who like to think they work better under pressure.

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