10 Real Life Struggles of a TargetClick Employee

TargetClick employees might have some of the coolest jobs ever. We know that. But we also know that people who don’t work here shouldn’t feel so sad about their lives.  Every position has its pitfalls and not every day can be filled with cocktails and climbing conversion rates. In fact, here are a few first world pains that we experience here at TargetClick as conveyed through hilarious memes and .GIFs.

1. Being away from your desk or getting wrapped up in actual client work and then having to catch up on all of your Snapchats.

2. When multiple associates “reply all” to a company-wide email.

3. The fact that Friday morning Gung-Hos always seem to follow the most epic Thursday night Happy Hours.

4. Oh, Facebook/Google/some other digital component we base the bulk of our services on is updating their algorithm again?

5. Trying to diet or at least make health-conscious decisions when co-workers keep planning lunch outings or bringing in delicious baked goods.

6. When monthly updates for conversion pages begin rolling through our project management system and Outlook Express.

7. Explaining the benefits of something like mobile marketing to people who aren’t quite with the times.

8. Needing to see something that was said previously in a Chatter instant message, but not being able to scroll up.

9. Participating in a conference call.

10. Having to wear something other than t-shirts and jeans for pitches, client visits or some other really important meeting.

But after the pitch, client visit or some other really important meeting it’s like


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