Automotive Digital Marketing

In today’s market, you need more than a static website to captivate potential customers. You probably knew that – but did you realize that you also need more than some pretty display banners and a Facebook page that posts the latest memes to be truly successful in your digital efforts?


Your business simply “being online” just isn’t enough anymore. You need an integrated digital marketing strategy that will engage and grow your automotive audience, increase and drive traffic back to your website and finally, convert that traffic into leads.

Digital vs. Traditional – So Which is Better?


No two people are exactly alike. In order to get their daily dose of news, some read the morning paper and some scroll through their Twitter feed. During a morning commute, some stream Pandora through their smartphone and others listen to local radio stations. Does your marketing behavior match up with your customers’ consumption habits? If you want to reach the right customers, wherever they might be, you need to incorporate both digital and traditional elements.


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Search Engine Optimization

Search is the #1 smartphone activity. Search engines also happen to be the most popular way for car buyers to get product and purchase information online.  How high your website ranks in search engine results is important because the majority of users will only click on one of the top three results. If you’re not ranking, you could be missing out on capturing sales from car buyers searching for makes and models that you already have in your inventory.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your searchability in order to rank higher within a search engine’s natural/organic listings (e.g. Google).

How does SEO Work?

We start with a review of your market, website and search presence. Next we identify any obstacles that may be keeping your site from attaining search success and propose tailored solutions and clear, concrete action plans. Then we take action by implementing initiatives for impact and finally, measure return on investment.

Search Engine Marketing

You know how they say, “You have to spend money to make money?” It’s true… so invest wisely with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) pay-per-click campaigns at Mudd Digital. We’ll get you the most traffic for your money with a carefully crafted campaign based on your goals, location and budget.

What is SEM?

SEM promotes your dealership by placing ads on search engines (think Google) that are strategically placed on the page and contain highly relevant copy to what customers are searching for. SEM campaigns are so beneficial because they can be inexpensive and show you immediate results.

How does SEM Work?

Our SEM team creates custom ads, setting up tracking and building keyword lists to maximize your visibility. We strive to maintain specific ad positions, optimize user engagement and achieve your goals for increased click-through-rate and conversion. We also allow you to track the success of your campaign every step of the way by providing you the tools to access your easy-to-understand SEM campaign reports.

Display Advertising

The average person is served more than 1,700 banner ads every single month. Your message can easily get lost in that mess. Display advertisements help cut through the clutter and ensure that your marketing message reaches the right audience no matter where they are online.

What is Display Advertising?

Digital display advertising consists of relevant banner ads presented to targeted individual consumers who are active online. A display ad can be a simple graphic with a strong offer and call to action or a rich media ad that can even include video content.

How does Display Advertising Work?

Display ads work because they serve consumers with ads that they are likely to respond to. This is accomplished with banner ads displayed on the internet that appear next to content that the target audience will find relevant. We determine relevancy to the target audience based on their online viewing behavior or their online interests.


It’s not the end of the world when a user leaves your site without converting. It’s actually where Retargeting starts and the beginning of converting those users who have already shown interest in your product into actual customers.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting serves as a reminder to the prospective buyer and keeps your dealership before their eyes. If a buyer has already expressed interest in your product, the retargeting process can help to effectively convert them into customers.

How does Retargeting Work?

Visitors who come to your website through both paid and organic traffic are tagged. After these visitors leave your site, they are shown targeted banner ads which appears on other sites while they browse the web.  Retargeting is effective, too. The average click-through rate for retargeted ads is TEN TIMES greater than ordinary ads!

Video Marketing

With more than 100 million viewers watching online video daily on sites like YouTube and the average viewer watching nearly 17 minutes of video ads each month, Video Marketing is the perfect way to engage and persuade prospective buyers.

What is Video Marketing?

You know those commercials that play before videos on sites like YouTube? Yeah, we’re responsible for that. We utilize Video Marketing to help you capture the attention of your potential customers with engaging content and a strong call-to-action.

How does Video Marketing Work?

Since consumers usually have to watch at least a portion of the advertisement before getting to their intended video, that means you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. We know how to do just that with the creation of custom, captivating content. We also use both Preroll and True View video marketing services to ensure that we can work with just about any budget!

Conversion Pages

You only have 1.20th of a second to impress your visitors after they click through to your site. Provide these potential customers with exactly what they’re searching for using Conversion Pages.

What are Conversion Pages?

Conversion pages are targeted landing pages built within your existing website that can dramatically improve your conversion rate and generate more leads for your dealership.

How do Conversion Pages Work?

A conversion page is essentially a narrowly focused landing page for a specific model, product or event. One of the most powerful aspects of a conversion page is the call to action. The call to action converts traffic into leads with compelling copy that provides customers with how to get more information about what you have to offer them.

Social Media

There’s so much more to perfecting your social media presence than picking the most flattering Instagram filter. In fact, there’s much more to social media as a whole than you might realize. It’s not about just having a Facebook page or Twitter account. It’s about what you do with these social networks.

Going Social is a Full-Time Job

Customers are talking about buying cars all the time on a variety of social platforms. Your dealership needs to participate in those conversations as a helpful source of information and knowledge. Addressing customer concerns and sharing in their triumphs as they relate to your brand can contribute to a strong lifetime relationship.

Introducing Fab 5

Paid Social is the new black! Seriously. Recent algorithm updates to Facebook make it harder for business updates to be seen in the newsfeed. We’ve developed a solution that will get your special events and offers in front of customers who are more likely to convert. Check out the Fab 5 of Facebook!

How We Can Help

71% of social media participants said that they are “more likely” to buy from a brand that they follow online. We will develop a robust social media strategy that helps to engage your customers and build your audience.

Reputation Management

It’s crazy how much influence a single negative online review can have when left unattended. In fact, 80% of consumers say that they have changed their mind about a purchase because they came across a negative review online.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is all about listening to what your customers are saying and responding appropriately. Since the majority of consumers can be swayed by a negative review when making a purchase decision, it’s important to address your customers’ concerns online.

How does Reputation Management Work?

Our Reputation Management services allow you to control, monitor and respond to what others are saying about you online. We start by taking charge of your online listing information across all directories and review sites and then responding to customer reviews – both good and bad – to help you connect with your customers and improve your overall level of service.

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