Our Story

We Love It When You Succeed!

Client Success Is the Key to Our Business

Every employee at Mudd Advertising knows that our entire business depends on doing our best to get the strongest results possible with every campaign and with every client. When you partner with Mudd, you are getting an agency with over three decades of experience in exceeding client expectations through effective advertising and promotions.

Why do we work so hard for our clients?
Being from the Midwest, we believe in hard work. But it's more than our work ethic - it's our belief that the work we do is worthwhile. We believe that American Automotive Dealers are incredible entrepreneurs who provide jobs and local community support across America. Helping our clients succeed gives us more than satisfaction - it gives us a sense of purpose that we are contributing to a worthy and productive industry.

Our Founder: The Ad Man
We call Jim Mudd Sr., the founder of Mudd Advertising, our Chief Spiritual Officer. That's because his wisdom and guidance have not only helped to build a successful automotive advertising agency - they have helped to create a culture of hard work and excellent client service embraced by all Mudd Advertising employees. If you'd like to know more about how Jim started Mudd Advertising - and what he learned about life in the process - be sure to check out his book The Ad Man: