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Facebook Ad Types Cheat Sheet

by Erin Ridgeway, SEM Specialist for Mudd Digital So you’ve decided to advertise on Facebook. You know it is important, you recognize that Facebook is a unique way to reach specific groups of potential customers and you understand that these potential customers will have the…

Non-Branded Search

Branded vs Non-Branded Keywords in SEO

by Britt Bischoff, Manager of SEO for Mudd Digital Are you ranking #1 for your own brand name? Hooray! Nice work. It’s important that users are able to find you in a brand name search. But, if that’s all you’re using to measure SEO success, you’re…

seo 101

SEO 101

by Cody See, SEO Specialist for Mudd Digital  Sometimes (most of the time) I talk and nobody understands what I’m saying. While I can’t say this is anything new, I can say the amount of time spent explaining what I mean has only gone up…

graphic design job

How to Apply for Graphic Design Job

Cover Letter Always include a cover letter. And not the kind where you copy and paste the name and job title into it. Research the company, read the full description and make it personalized towards the job post for which you’re applying. Your cover letter…


Internal Link Building: Why It Matters in SEO

So far, in our amazing TargetClick SEO posts we discussed link building in the evolution of SEO and the importance of practicing white hat link building. These posts highlight the importance of getting high authority sites to point back to your website. However, link building…


Procrastination at its Finest

Have you been putting something off? You know how it goes. One part of your brain says: “Stop procrastinating. Just get on with it. Finish it!” But then another part screams- “But I don’t want to!” It may not be anything major, but the task…


TargetClick is Mudd

About two years ago, TargetClick Marketing Solutions made a big change as we joined the Mudd Advertising team and became “TargetClick Powered by Mudd.” It was just we three founders and a couple of interns and we picked up our office (read: a few computers…