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Now Hiring: Digital Account Executive

TargetClick is looking for new Digital Account Executives! These people will be responsible for developing the best mix of digital (and traditional) media channels to deliver an advertising message a client’s target audience. This includes selling online marketing services like search engine optimization, search engine…


Beware of Bad SEO

Britt’s Top List of Most Frequently Spotted Bad SEO Practices It used to be true that you could just slap a few keyword strings on a page and call it SEO. Don’t forget cloaking, hidden text, keyword stuffing, paid links and article spinning, either. I’m…


Automotive Training Solutions (ATS) Announces Name Change to Automotive Resource Network (ARN)

Automotive Training Solutions (ATS) Announces Name Change to Automotive Resource Network (ARN) – New Name Reflects Company’s Commitment Driving Automotive Excellence by Providing Automotive Resources and Networking Opportunities Rio Rico, AZ – Automotive Training Solutions, a membership organization of over 300 corporations and professionals dedicated…


3 Rules for a Memorable User Experience

After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa in December 2012, I very quickly became cognizant of the vast world of website optimization. This was something I had never even considered all throughout college, as I was laser focused on my degree in graphic design….


How I Met Your Ridiculous Search Queries

As SEMs we run into a lot of strange and irrelevant search queries that have actually converted into leads for our clients. It is our job to weed out the keywords that are counterproductive to our campaigns and to begin to utilize the keywords that…


Learning How To Link-Build

I’m going on three months of being here at TargetClick, and I have to say one of my biggest struggles has been learning how to link build. I’ve gathered that this is a common battle that SEO newbies have to fight, so that is a…


Car Loans, Accounting for Bad Credit

About once a month we have a dealer call in asking, “What do you have for secondary credit mailers?” or “How do you incentivize car loans, for those with bad credit?” . However the question is posed, dealers anticipate a piece of direct mail targeting…


Agricultural Marketing Needs

MuddEQ is anything but your typical muddy. Yet, it rules agricultural marketing! The transparency MuddEQ provides, is customer friendly and allows a simple, comprehensive view of evidence when discussing campaigns with our clients. The approach is simple: We will first find out where your customers…


Branding is Consistency

Working for Mudd, a full-service advertising agency, allows me a behind-the-scenes perspective on branding ones business.  Mudd prides itself on having abundant marketing solutions for customers and consistently branding the customer and their products across a multitude of platforms. While trying to quench this insatiable desire…