Mudd Advertising

What is Content Marketing?

When I first started as an intern at TargetClick, I did a little bit of everything. I dabbled in Reputation Management by responding to dealership reviews. I planned posts and did reporting for social media accounts. I wrote a lot of miscellaneous things like webpage…


The Online Misconception

I decided the other day that I would like to start my own business. I thought perhaps I would start a new clothing business that would be in a very busy section of town like Main Street. However, in order to save some money, I…


TargetClick and BrightEdge

If you haven’t heard our excited chatter about the new SEO platform we’re using, and even if we’ve discussed it ad nauseam, we’ve got BrightEdge! After much begging and pleading from Trish and I both, we finally made the jump to a new SEO platform….


Calculate and Display the Optimum CPC in Kenshoo

With the help of Kenshoo’s custom metrics feature, it’s possible to have Kenshoo display the average break-even CPC, the average optimal CPC and a rough recommendation for adjusting the max CPC. Kenshoo will calculate and display these custom metrics for the profile as well as for…


Welcome Mudd EQ to the TargetClick Team

As most of you probably already know, TargetClick was acquired by Mudd Advertising in June of 2012.   And as Doug, TK and myself will vouch, it has been one of the best moves we could have ever made.  Mudd has allowed us to grow our…


The Google Knowledge Graph

What is the Google Knowledge Graph? Launched back in 2012, the Google Knowledge Graph was created to boost search results with semantic-search information collected from a range of sources. The Knowledge Graph (KG) anticipates and answers questions by providing information instantaneously in a search result…


The History of Mudd Advertising at NADA

When Mudd Advertising started in 1981 out of Jim Mudd Sr.’s basement, not even he could predict the success that would lead the company to where it is today. The opportunity to speak at the National Automotive Dealer Association Conference in February of 1986 was…