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Google Trends

A Look at What’s Trending on Google Trends

Do you ever wonder what’s trending on Google? In one of my previous blog posts, 8 Free SEO Tools, I threw out a few capabilities of Google Trends. Just recently, however, I used the site to help explain to a client why there has been…


Top 5 Panels to Attend at the 2015 NADA Convention

Representatives from Mudd Advertising will be attending the annual National Automobile Dealers Association Convention in San Francisco from January 22-25. The NADA is a fantastic organization that represents almost 16,000 new-car and new-truck dealerships, and we could not be more excited for the opportunity to…


How to Extract VDP Data from Your Website

This article describes a process for extracting VDP data from a dealership’s website. Of course, the process is not limited to car dealer websites. It can be applied to any type of website. Download Chrome (Browser) If you’re already using Chrome, skip ahead and create an account…


What is a VDP?

VDP stands for “Vehicle Display Page” or “Vehicle Details Page.” It is a web page that displays the information, images, etc. of a single vehicle in an automotive dealer’s inventory. The heading the VDP usually consists of the year, make, model and Trim of the vehicle,…

Mudd Blog - Facebook Ad Cheat Sheet - ER

Facebook Ad Types Cheat Sheet

by Erin Ridgeway, SEM Specialist for Mudd Digital So you’ve decided to advertise on Facebook. You know it is important, you recognize that Facebook is a unique way to reach specific groups of potential customers and you understand that these potential customers will have the…

Non-Branded Search

Branded vs Non-Branded Keywords in SEO

by Britt Bischoff, Manager of SEO for Mudd Digital Are you ranking #1 for your own brand name? Hooray! Nice work. It’s important that users are able to find you in a brand name search. But, if that’s all you’re using to measure SEO success, you’re…