Mudd Advertising


The Blocking and Tackling of Advertising

Some of the best dealers we work with have several things in common. Not only do they understand their business better than anyone else, but they also know that the basic blocking and tackling of advertising starts with them. By following the basic rules of…


A Designer’s Worst Nightmare

As a designer, sometimes the toughest part of the job is figuring out what the client wants. Being able to properly critique artwork and provide actionable feedback can allow you to better convey exactly what you want in a design. This will save time and…


Create a Tabbed Form Using Gravity Forms

So, you’ve created a form using Gravity Forms. Your form has several sections and you want to display each section as a “tab.” Excellent. No problem. It’s actually a piece of cake. You start out with something like this: And you’ll end up with something…


Seinfeld Meets Mudd

Comparing the legendary “show about nothing” with a full-service agency that prides itself on doing everything might not seem like a logical parallel, but diving into the eccentric characters that made Seinfeld so famous also sheds light on the inner workings of the agency world….