Mudd Advertising


Create a Tabbed Form Using Gravity Forms

So, you’ve created a form using Gravity Forms. Your form has several sections and you want to display each section as a “tab.” Excellent. No problem. It’s actually a piece of cake. You start out with something like this: And you’ll end up with something…


Seinfeld Meets Mudd

Comparing the legendary “show about nothing” with a full-service agency that prides itself on doing everything might not seem like a logical parallel, but diving into the eccentric characters that made Seinfeld so famous also sheds light on the inner workings of the agency world….


My 30-Seconds’ Worth

“Write what you know.” It’s a basic tenet of successful writing. It takes me exactly 30 seconds to write what I know. Sometimes, only 15. And sometimes, all of 60. 15, 30 and 60 seconds are the running lengths of the typical television and radio…

eLeads ADF

How to Send Leads to eLeads CRM

In most cases, sending leads to a CRM is pretty straight forward, relatively speaking. As long as the standardized requirements are met, the CRM will accept the lead and parse the data correctly. eLeads, however, is a different story. Not only is eLeads idiosyncratic and…


Why Google is All In On Mobile

Google is betting big on mobile. On the organic side, we’ve been talking about this for a while, that mobile optimization would factor heavily into the search engine’s algorithms. Mobile optimization now also increases your AdWords quality scores, as well. Or, more accurately, ignoring mobile…