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politics and advertising

Advertising is a lot like Politics

Advertising is a lot like politics. Both require their constituency to take action. Both are judged by that outcome and both use persuasive language to get results. The winners did just that. The losers did not. But, herein lies a dilemma for marketers and politicians:…

VIN Ninja

Problems Only a (VIN) Ninja can Solve

So you’re in sales. Let’s say you sell cars. Hopefully you sell more cars than the dealers around you. But maybe you’re struggling. It’s okay, we all struggle sometimes. In the words of our own Dave Meindl, “tell me your troubles…” Now, it may feel…

Trends Blog - 1.20.16

Trends To Expect In Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl is one of the largest watched televised events of the year.  With this year being the 50th Anniversary, according to media buyers a 30 second spot could cost roughly around 5 million dollars. It is expected that this year’s Super Bowl could…


The Science of Image Optimization

When people optimize their site for search engines, they often neglect one major area: images for their search traffic. In regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it’s important to use relevant, descriptive and keyword-rich file names are imperative for image optimization, much in the same…


Interning in the Digital Age

The opportunity to intern in the digital department at Mudd Advertising has been a worthwhile experience for me. As a student of the University of Northern Iowa’s Interactive Digital Studies program, the education I am pursuing is centered on digital advertising and the production techniques…


“We Love it When You Succeed”

As I sit in my business and communication classes at the University of Northern Iowa, I learn all about theories, methods and concepts that have to do with being a successful manager and a successful organization. One question that has always popped into my head…