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I Hate My Eyebrows

by Gary Kroeger, Creative Director Before becoming a Creative Director at Mudd Advertising, I was an actor for more than 20 years. My career included Saturday Night Live, where I worked with an emerging superstar named “Eddie Murphy.” He’ll never know this, but he inadvertently taught…


But What is Happiness?

by Ron Rabune, Agency General Manager I’m thinking of an episode of AMC’s Mad Men – the one in which Don Draper and Roger Sterling wait an hour and 45 minutes to meet with Dow Chemicals, before eventually Don hits Dow with the “I’ve been looking…


Reconciliation: Getting What You Pay for

A huge part of our media philosophy at Mudd Advertising is creating plans that are customized to each client individually. We take pride in being able to deliver a plan designed to make their advertising a huge success and ultimately increase their sales. This is…


Taking a Deep Dive Into Data Services

by Jason Mathern, Manager of Data Services Have you ever wondered what happens to your data after Mudd Advertising receives it? We’ve developed a tool called the “Data Exchange Server”. It was built from the ground up to support raw data from Dealership Managements Systems…


4 Consistent Issues Hanging Up Dealership Sites

You’ve got 99 problems, and 4 of them are most likely issues with your dealership website. How do we know that? Site audit upon site audit has led us to uncover problems that seem to consistently plague a dealership’s website.  These issues are ones that…


3 Tips to Improve Your Office Culture

I’ve been here for over six months now (as a Digital Content Specialist for Mudd Digital), and there is no question that the biggest adjustment for me has been the office culture. I’ve worked at places where you are allowed 30 minutes for lunch and…